The good news came out last week, the port Camille Rayon just obtained the European certification “PORTS PROPRES”. A new flag will soon be proudly raised at the Capitainerie.

This is a great reward for the whole team of the Port and for the actors and boaters, explain the deputy director Patrick Lara.

“We already have, for 23th consecutive year, the “Pavilion Bleu” (an exemplary label of environmental quality), but we wanted to reach excellence in terms of environmental commitment”.

Achieving excellence required heavy investments to the management of the port Camille Rayon. “We aimed for this “Ports Propres” certification since 2008 and, in consultation with the board of directors we gradually made changes to finally have the visit end of august, of an AFNOR controller (French association of standardisation), and a month later our certification was confirmed” continues Patrick Lara.

During these 8 years, the port Camille Rayon has undergone a real environmental transformation,
With the active input of the professionals of the Port and the 2 sub-concessions: the shipyard and the refuelling station; two crucial sectors in terms of control of pollution and waste disposal.

Before listing the first areas for improvement, the management team edited a statement of its environmental policy, signed by all employees of the port.

This moral commitment has been very successful.

A collection point for waste oils…

To start the long list of future changes, the port has prioritized the installation of a waste collection point, “a strategic place” insists Patrick Lara, as it gives the opportunity to drop safely numerous type of pollutants such as waste oils from boats, restaurants, batteries, flares … all waste associated with the port activity.

The removal and treatment of the waste were entrusted to specialised companies.

The deputy director also insists on the investment and the major role of the chief harbour master Alexandre Joskowicz, in the efforts made to obtain the certification “PORTS PROPRES”.

“Part of this certification comes back to him as he worked very hard for the port to obtain it. He is in fact the one who had the idea of installing ashtrays to collect more than 40 000 cigarettes butts since February 2018. These cigarettes butts have been recycled and transformed into plastic. Alex is also contributed to the installation of the “Seabins”, and the annual “environmental day” or days to raise environmental awareness of the planet with schools of the department”

In the context of the energy management, the capitainerie purchased 2 electrical vehicles; moreover, all quays are equipped with low-power lighting and the offices equipped with a reversible heating system.

Parking spaces dedicated to electric vehicles

In terms of parking, spaces are available for persons with reduce mobility, for whom movements on the quays have also been facilitated.

Other parking spaces are dedicated to electric vehicles and equipped with charging station.

In the cleanliness approach, pets have not been forgotten, as bag dispensers are installed around the port for their owners.

Finally, in terms of security fire hydrants have been installed on strategic locations.

However, receiving this certification “PORTS PROPRES” is not a goal in itself. “We will be audited next year and in 3 years to maintain the certification” says Patrick Lara.

The management of the Port Camille Rayon is not too concerned about this rating watch as their awareness and commitments to have a cleaner port are sincere.

You do not inherit the Earth from your ancestors, you borrow it from your children

Antoine de Saint- Exupéry

Written by K.NATTON