Today we discuss with Corinne Dany.
Assistant of the Harbor Master, in charge of the Superyachting she is a key figure in port, read her instead.


Who are you and what is your position at Port Camille Rayon?

My name is Corinne Dany, I am Assistant of the Harbor Master, in charge of the superyachting.


You have been working at the Port Camille Rayon for many years, what kind of changes have you observed over the years?

In recent years, we have made great progress in biodiversity and ecology, thanks to our Harbor Master who has invested heavily in this area which is close to his heart and has shared some of his ideas with us.


What is the story or the moment that struck you the most at the port?

 We have lived, with several of my colleagues (in the team for over 20 years and who have also become friends), many anecdotes and very beautiful moments, but the first that comes to me in mind it is my meeting with Mr. RAYON (father – Camille RAYON). Indeed, I met a gentleman with a lot of charisma, but above all very human, very generous and attentive, a gentleman who always had pleasant words and a positive point of view, a very, very, great man.

I was very young at the time but I have fond memories of this meeting and the dozens that followed.


What do you think is the difference between Camille Rayon and another marina on the French Riviera?

The Camille RAYON port is for me a port on a human scale, which allows us to be very close to our boaters. Captains and crew members often tell us that they “feel like they’re in our port, like at home.” In addition, we are a very close-knit team, we work in a good mood and I think customers feel it. The port is very well maintained, which also allows visitors to take full advantage of our infrastructure and to sit on the terraces of our restaurants or stroll on the quays …


 What would the future of Yachting be for you?

I don’t have a magic ball, but according to the latest builds, we will have Yachts that get bigger and bigger ! For my part, I remain nostalgic because I have a fondness for the first Rivas! With our beautiful coastline, yachting will always have a bright future …