Today we meet Olivia Lara-Rayon. Director of the port Camille Rayon for 11 years, she is at the head of this great family that is the port and shares with us her feelings about the future of yachting following this health crisis.

What is your role within port Camille Rayon?

Port Director

How many years have you been collaborating with the port?

I participated alongside the founder, Mr. Camille Rayon, in the allocation of berths on the map from 1988. Then I joined the SA company. SNPVG in 1992 as reception secretary, then in 2001 I was responsible for the needs of large yachting being bilingual English by my mother, it made sense. Eventually upon retirement of the Management, I took over the management of the port in 2010.

If you had to define yourself in 3 words?

Honest, federating and generous.I like to set an example and inspire people to be as passionate as I am.


What is your biggest pride?

I m very proud for having succeeded in creating a family atmosphere within the port, both with the staff and with users in general.


How do you feel about the health crisis and the behavior of the various port users? 

It is still a little early to know the result of this pandemic. We have noticed that in the summer of 2020, foreigners were absent, so there was less movement of boats of more than 24m. On the other hand, the small pleasure crafts worked well. We were surprised by the young clientele, and especially the number of people on board small boats rented by the day.

Your best memory in the port?

The flourishing years of yachting before the economic crisis of 2008. The port was busier, a lot of boat movements, many requests, a lot of foreign customers. A more euphoric atmosphere, full restaurant terraces, private parties on the yachts and evenings in the restaurants and bars of the port and off course the beautiful evenings at the « Théâtre de la mer ».

 How do you see the evolution of yachting in the next 5 years?

The yachting clientele will always be present, but under what conditions …
Will the ships stay in our ports year round or will they only come in summer? Indeed, we are seeing more and more regulations and prohibitions.

New bans on mooring in the bay of Golfe Juan and the Lerins Islands for the protection of our seabed could encourage our boats to go abroad if alternative solutions are not provided such as offering boaters reception conditions both compatible with respect for the integrity of the seabed and the preservation of these environments