Meet Alexandre Joskowicz, main harbor master of port Camille Rayon. In this interview, he points the importance of the battle for the preservation of biodiversity and explains his role within the port.


Who are you and what is your role within the Camille Rayon port?

My name is Alexandre Joskowicz and I am the Principal Harbor Master at port Camille Rayon. I am in charge of the management of a port of 841 berths and about fifty shops which requires the setting up of specific services. I am also responsible for the operations department as well as the waterways and customers service. I also have to ensure compliance with port police regulations and respect for the environment. Finally another part of my job is to help organize the events that take place in the port.


The action of Port Camille Rayon for the biodiversity Rayon is real. What are the main lines?

Realizing that we have taken advantage of and often devastated exceptional nature for economic reasons, we can and must turn the tide. To do this, we have launched a fish nursery project as well as birdhouses and an insect hotel installed in the port. A process that will have the double advantage of putting ecosystems back on track and supporting the economic activities that remain linked to the port.


What was the moment that struck you the most / or your best memory?

The organization of the 30 Years of Port Camille Rayon which was a big challenge for me. I wished to pay tribute to my Grandfather Camille RAYON who left us a tool in perfect state. It was a great night, all the restaurants were full and most of them had to have 2-3 courses on the same night. It was heartwarming to see so many children, families, friends sharing smiles and joy, the party was there!


A hidden talent?

A talent… I don’t know but in any case I am passionate about music and therefore I am also a DJ and music producer for an English label


How do you think port Camille Rayon could best be described?

The Port Camille Rayon is a large, friendly port where everyone knows and helps each other. The Port provides a 24-hour service and tries to meet all requests.