25! It’s the number of candles that the Company DOLPHY SERVICES will blow this year.
For an enterprise, it is a birthday proving the seriousness and professionalism of the management.

In 1992 Stéphane Delfino decided to start his entrepreneurial adventure. The young manager is then dedicated to the maintenance of boats, adding his own personal touch for a better service. He settled down on the Port Camille Rayon that recently opened “I started to work at the port Galice as Captain. Then I joined the new structure Camille Rayon in charge of the brands Sunseeker and Nimbus.” These 2 brands always trusted him until he got the management later on of the delivery sector. They even made him the exclusive distributor of Nimbus boats and Paragon Yachts in France and Monaco as well as the Brand Axopar in the Maritimes Alpes.

When he arrived in the port, a single location remained available, it was a strategic place as it was facing the south quay and the port shipyard although he regretted being away from the other shops of the port.

When experience and reputation are good, the storefront becomes secondary. The relationship between clients and yachting professional relies on a good sense of confidence.

For Stéphane Delfino who started in this industry when he was young, the profession went through some difficult times and to keep up he needed to adapt to a new state of mind.
“In the 90’s, we mainly had a foreign clientele, then we touched the ground during the 2009/2010 economic crisis. The sale and the maintenance of pre-owned boats kept us afloat.”
Here too, seriousness and professionalism of Dolphy Services enabled Stephane’s team to keep the head above water. Stéphane Delfino as all the yachting professional hope these bad times are far behind them.
Now, “The British are coming back in spite of the Brexit” “Internet and the social networks such as YouTube allowed us to be more visible. Thanks to that, potential clients can obtain a lot of information about a specific model. It makes things easier when they contact us.”
The feeling of dream and escape that any future boat owner has, is still here and strong.

Stéphane Delfino, shared between the caution regarding the economy and the uncertainty regarding the future. The issue he prefers to focus on is an ongoing and devastating problem infecting his services business. “Our main concern is the undeclared work which jeopardizes business and employment” he stresses.

Stéphane Delfino keeps on raising the alarm for quicker solutions to put a stop to this unfair and illegal competition.

Dolphy Services http://www.nimbus-france.fr

Written by K.NATTON