When you enter the AD Accastillage, on the quay Napoleon, you can be sure to find what you need, whether for marine equipment, decoration or aquatic leisure activities.
If what you are looking for is not available in the store, the team AD Accastillage will do its best to satisfy you, as quicky as possible.

This service spirit was brought up to date as the store re open with a new brand.
The store was previously called “Le Yacht” and was closed for more than a year for renovation works, it reopened with a new management team and a new store brand: “AD Accastillage”.

Arnau Gonzales, heading the team, is a former yacht captain who chose to work on land to value his quality of life and enjoy time with his family.

Arnau does not regret his choice even though the transition required a certain adaptation: «I first managed a store in Barcelona when the company asked me to take over the store in the Port Camille Rayon. I accepted this new challenge as I knew the port very well. I always enjoyed stopping here when I was on Yachts, the atmosphere is very pleasant, everyone knows everyone, like in a small village”
In AD Accastillage, Arnau Gonzales must manage all orders, deliveries and sometimes reply to comical requests.

The team of AD Accastillage is always in touch with the yacht crews or boat owners, and makes a point of responding to all customer’s demands. “20 % of the products are in store, if not we use our suppliers to satisfy our clientele as quickly as possible. We wish to offer a top quality service!” Says the young manager.

You might want to enter this store, by necessity or simply for the pleasure of the eyes.

Shipchandler Accastillage Diffusion
Quai Napoléon
Tél. : +33 (0)9 67 24 91 64
Mail : [email protected]
Site : www.accastillage-diffusion.com

Written by : K.NATTON