Dear All ,

The Taape is moored in front of the Harbour Office of the port since this morning , until monday 1st of April .

Some information about the Taape…

The Taape is a tug supply vessel (Taape means  bluestripe snapper in polynasian language ) , is the only type of vessel in service in the french Marine and distinguished by its superstructures . This vessel was intended as logistical support for nuclear testing in the Pacific and joined Mururoa Base the 23 rd of April 1984 as “BSR”   support ship of the region where it will stay until  its return to the naval base of  Toulon in June 1998 .

It fulfilled many missions : Towing , anchoring work , provisioning  water , gas , equipment) fire fighting , water leaks fighting .

The tug supply vessel Taape is sponsored by the city of Valluaris Golfe Juan since the 1est of May 2004

More information about the Taape

We wish you a good weekend !