The Rio’s Banana Café, Pub and restaurant with an area dedicated to Music is a real refuge for the seamen and the Anglo-Saxon customers
Located at the end of the west quay of the port since 1995, the ‘festive place’ is known and recognized by people who love the sea, but not only.

The initiator of the partying place knows well the yachting industry as he was a mate and spent more than 10 years working in this industry.
His professional experience led Laurent Neveu to create his enterprise in an environment he masters. As the Port Camille Rayon begins to come alive around few businesses, this former mate of the Sailing Boat BELEM embraced the opportunity to create a “Place” dedicated to seamen and yachts crews.

« At the time, crew-members  were mostly English, and did not have a familiar environment to relax where they fell like at home. I wanted to create a “little piece of England” » he says.

This is how The Rio’s Banana Café has carved out a great reputation. « We have a strategic location on the port, facing the sea and without the inconveniences of the road traffic as it is the case in other ports. It is a real heaven of peace! » Says Laurent Neveu.

In over 20 years, the bar where English is commonly spoken has become a crucial address, for its pool table, tapas, French food, but also for the “live music” concerts organised every weekends and sporting events re-transmitted and many other events. The Rio’s Banana Café managed to improve and to keep is identity dedicated to party and entertainment.

Rio’s Banana Café  Tel : 04 93 63 79 79

Written By K.NATTON