According to the latine translation, “the Via Cassia” is the road going from Rome to Florence.

In Golfe-Juan, it’s a place of delights and conviviality located on the north quay of the port Camille Rayon.

They did not have to look far to find this name, as it is their own!

Samir and Dominique Cassia met in high school and both of them love the catering trade for more than 30 years.

After the two of them started their own professional careers they quickly decided to come back to their first loves.

At first Samir Cassia started in the hotel industry, with an experience in the hotel “Martinez” as a Maître d’hôtel. But it’s in the catering sector that they both wanted to grow.

In 1987, they begin the adventure opening the restaurant “Bruno” and hiring a chef.
Samir Cassia learned a lot from him in the culinary field. Four years later, they opened the “Café Bleu” in the Port Camille Rayon and then the “Via Cassia”.

Despite this overwhelming activity, the couple turned into a family with the birth of 3 children: Sébastien, Yango (John in Greek) and Marjorie.

While Samir is in the kitchen, Dominique is in charge with service and the customer relations.

They admit, however, slowing down the activity for several years.

The time has come to pass the baton, but one of the oldest restaurant manager of the Port Camille Rayon, along with the manager of the “Abri côtier’, talk with enthusiasm about their profession business.

Samir and Dominique love to please their clients, some of whom have become friends over the years by awakening their taste buds with a musical background.

One of their specialties is a pizza prepared by “Adamo”, an authentic pizzaïolo, and cooked in a real clay oven. Customers of the Via Cassia can also taste traditional cuisine prepared by the chef, Franck Viel.

On the port Camille Rayon, the Cassias feel at home as they participated in its early inception.
“Today, we are proud for believing in this creation of this new port. It’s the only marinas where the shops and restaurants are facing the quays”

In January, the “Via Cassia” is organising “New Orleans Jazz Evenings”, every Friday. The managers are both fans of the music that was originally played in the streets of the New Orleans, with trumpets, trombones and banjos… Samir Cassia always kept on the tradition. “We have around 20 live bands that rotate to play on Fridays”

The “New Orleans Jazz Club” association that offers a new program every Friday, is born from a passion for this music. (mail : [email protected]).

Via Cassia
Port Camille Rayon
Tél. : 04 93 63 80 50
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Written by K.NATTON