Marc Menjot took over this vast and magnificent playground, the Mediterranean Sea. He decided to create his enterprise by joining his mechanic skills and his passion for the Jet Ski.

His shop, installed on the Quai Napoléon since July 2015, offers various leisure activities under, over or even above the water.
At first, specialist of the Jet- ski, Marc Menjot rents, sales or stores jet-skis but also repairs all motor vehicles going on the water. He then opens up to all other types of “water toys” from the paddle board to the sea scooter not forgetting the “fly board”. “Leisure activities around the sea are constantly evolving” specifies Marc. He remains observant to adapt and offers to his clientele any new “maritime novelty”.

The majority of his clients comes from yachts that berth in the Port Camille Rayon but his preferred location on the main Quay allows him to delight connoisseurs as well as amateurs looking for advices.

Marc Menjot activities are focused on Jet Ski and after years of practice, Marco’s jet manager noted an evolution of his clientele. “When the Jet Ski arrived on the Mediterranean coats, users were not trained and sometimes unaware of the risks. There were all kind of abuses. Today, the regulation is strict. The Jet Ski remains a recreational activity, mostly related to the sea excursion, with family or friends.

Supervision and regulation can appear drastic for the professionals as they organize events. ”When we plan a show or a Fly board demonstration, the first difficulty is to obtain all authorizations as no one wants to take a risk.”

A veto that sometimes prevent events from happening in the Port.
To unblock such situation, Marc Menjot proposes the creation of spaces especially dedicated to this kind of activities, where everyone can safely enjoy the show. An option worth examining to offer new kind of events on the Port Camille Rayon.

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Written by K.NATTON