In 2011, Richard Nixon created Infinite Yachts and chose to opened the offices on the port Camille Rayon. This option is decisive in the development of the company who decided to move to a bigger space, only meters away , on the Quay Napoléon.

This firm anchoring is explained by very good reasons as explains Giovanni Toumi, the Manager. “It’s a large port covering all activities related to yachting and a vibrant place thanks to its many bars and restaurants”

The director of Infinite Yachts knows many ports but not with a staff team as efficient and responsive as the one in the Port Camille Rayon.

Although he wishes to insist on a positive effect regarding the professionals in yachting also working in the port he could consider competition. “I have experienced the predatory competition but it is not the case in this Port. If we are doing the same job, we get along and we try to be good partners and it’s working well.”

After the death of the company founder, his son-in-law, Giovanni Toumi, took over the management and decided to represent all yachts brands. This independence allows him to offer all sorts of new and second hand yachts for sale or rent.

He’s doing like most of his competitors you may say! Well not quite, because Infinite Yachts extended its network around the globe thanks to high quality services and a loyal international clientele. “In addition to our head office on the port Camille Rayon, we have an office in Saint Tropez and a third one in Phuket in Thailand” says Giovanni Toumi. Three beautiful commercial shop windows with a network of independent yacht brokers in Europe (Germany, Italy, England) but also in the United States.

Even though the effects of the economic crisis are tangible, the clientele that purchase 40m yachts and up is still there. Giovanni Toumi’s team relies on these positive outlooks to extend Infinite Yachts branches.

This is how the young manager is searching for ideas to gain more yachting fans and increase customers loyalty. “We have organised an event on a yacht in Saint -Tropez and we have partnered the last ‘Jumping International’ in Cannes” says Julie Guiderdoni, in charge of the Charter sector.

Initiatives that already brought positive results and that Infinite Yachts could renew, unless the young team decides to project in other innovative sources … how could they think otherwise with a logo representing infinity …

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Written by K.NATTON