Wilfried is inexhaustible when talking about his work. In 2008, he decided to start his project of purification to reduce the impact of solid and liquid coastal pollution in the Var and Alpes maritime.

Although he’s already involved in the treatment of wastewater, Wilfried is looking for a way to expend this treatment to what he really loves, but also hates to see deteriorate: the Sea. He had just invented a new trade.« Most of the marinas have their own base station, the idea was to have the pump-out station going to the boats” Eco Tank was born. Along with this new service, the company offers to pump-out grey waters, black waters, fuels, but also cleaning holds without lifting the boat out of the water.

A silent action

In the port, Wilfried‘s team is very active with the rubbish collection and small floating waste. His team also ensures works at sea following collision damage or degassing.
In a sector directly connected to the ecology, Wilfried Print did not wait this sudden civic awareness to look ahead. “ We offer a fleet of 11 boats to operate on the Côte d’Azur coasts” from Monaco to Saint-Tropez and we distinguish ourselves by a silent approach .” A discretion that boat’s owners appreciate.

Education and awareness

At the port Camille Rayon, Eco tank managed to develop its services and raised awareness of the crews regarding the protection of their work environment.
Nevertheless, if the action is beautiful and useful, the right to act is not always easy to obtain with the authorities. “We must have all certificates issued by the prefecture, then we must enforce the regulations MARPOL (International convention for the prevention of pollution from ships)” clarifies Wilfried
Administrative obstacles did not affected Eco Tank’s desire to continue on with its mission of Ports and sea “cleaner”, adding up a large dose of awareness with its clientele.

Efforts to be continued

For several years now, the director of Eco Tank noted improvements in the ports of the Cote d’Azur regarding the collection of wastewater .Efforts should continue and develop by bringing custom-made tanks up to standard, and making new equipment.
Wilfried intends to lead his fight for the protection of the sea with the help of all maritime sector professionals. The messages were taken, loud and clear by some ports, like the Port Camille Rayon, as well as the ports of Cannes and Monaco.

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Written by K.NATTON