Bertrand Dumonteil used to work ashore, and more precisely in the plastic processing industry. The young Bertrand, native of Valence in the Drôme department, also called “the door of the South of France”, must have felt the call of the sea and the spray of the oceans.

To meet his need of new horizons, Bertrand Dumonteil changed professional path for the merchant marine. He began his new career at 26 years old, studying 5 more years while on-board commercial vessels and tankers. During his navigation time, Bertrand Dumonteil did not forget his real passion for the yachting sector and, as engineer officer he made proposals to improve the daily life and eco responsible formulations such as producing fresh water with electricity.

One year on-board the Phocéa

That is when Bertrand Dumonteil is offered a position on a sailing boat. This experience opened the doors of the engine room of the Phocéa to him, for one year.
Then, during his last year of study, he found a position on a boat in Cap d’Ail, where he stayed 4 years.
This experience “all-terrain” has led him at the end of 2017, on to the 46 meters M/Y Wild Orchid I, moored at the Port Camille Rayon.

Being able to multitask

His role on board the yacht could be compared to a Swiss knife but he prefers the term “technical manager”. “I must know all departments on board, be able to multitask, be an electrician or a plumber, test water…” he says. And when the owners are not on-board, it is the regular maintenance and care of the mechanics that takes over. This role requires availability and a thorough knowledge of all mechanism on the boat not to mention a special attention to the safety sector. “It is, of course, a very important issue as we are working with high voltages and diesel fuel on board” he says.

This is also why Bertrand Dumonteil likes to be moored in the Port Camille Rayon a good part of the year, without forgetting to add that: “The Port is also connected for the treatment of waste waters, it’s well protected and the employee’s relations are always very good. Also the managers of the port do not hesitate to bring in parties from outside the port.”

Then of course, this profession does have a downside, as crews are often away from family. Bertrand Dumonteil found a solution by settling in Marseille, and the short distance between the two towns allows him to go home regularly.

Written by K. NATTON