Exocet Marine settled in the Port Camille Rayon, newly inaugurated, on the 8th of June 1990.

Gilles and Mireille Garrault don’t know yet they signed a long term lease which is not ready to stop according to their daughter Ingrid who join the team after she studied business and 1 year in law school before joining a stewardess school. This last option was to follow her young girl’s dream then her sense of freedom and love of learning finally took over.

Ingrid hang out in ports, since she was a child. Very young she travelled to the end of the world with her father and boats hold no secrets for her. Moreover, after taking various shortcuts to find her professional path, Ingrid of course, came back to her first love in the Port Camille Rayon.

Ingrid continued her learning with her father Gilles, the conductor of the company, and her mother Mireille Manager and responsible of the business finance. “I quickly understood I had to pursue my vocation and my passion and 15 years later I realise I still need my father’s advice” she says humbly.
Ingrid brought a new and relevant eye in the company with the development of the “refit” sector which consists in redesigning the boat adding comfort and a touch of modernity for the decoration as well as new technologies.

This new branch is completing the sales, purchases, rentals, charters, maintenance and servicing, Gilles’ speciality who do not hesitate to dive into the engine if needed. This service concept is passed on from father to daughter as the family Garrault remains committed to it.

On the Port Camille Rayon, EXOCET MARINE represents absolute fidelity. But for a successful union, we must be two and for Ingrid Garrault these “28 years” in the port Camille Rayon are built on a closer relationship between the family business and the team of the Port. “The management of the port made good work on the cleanliness and the security making it the cleanest and safest port of the Mediterranean basin. It’s a major asset for us and for our clients who like the attractiveness of the port, its easy access, its shops and restaurants, the city centre close by, the nearby islands of Lerins, an ideal place for boating as well as all the means if transport for the crews (bus stop, train station …)

Many advantages enabling the young leader to look to the future with confidence as the luxury sector marks a real recovery for more than a year now. “People are regaining confidence and it feels good” says Ingrid before the beginning of the summer season set to be intense. Which is a great thing!

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Written by K.NATTON