Our harbour is flying "Pavilion Bleu" for more than 20 years now

Waste collection

  • Harbour Office: used batteries and out-of-date pyrotechnics,
  • North Quay: Containers for selective waste sorting (see map)
  • South Quay: Micro waste collection area: Wasted Oil, Toxic products, Filters, Batteries…

The Micro-Waste Collection area has a tank for waste oil, collection points identified by illustrated signs.


Do not throw your waterwaste in the port

As per the MARPOL convention, the European Directive 200/59/CE, the Transportation Code and the Maritime Port Code   Articles R343-1 to R343-4, no reject will be tolerated in the port. Offenders will see action being taken against them and will be refused access to the port.

Having a treatment station (such as Hamann or Ecomar) DOES NOT GIVE AUTHORISATION to anyone to empty their wastewaters into the port (possible at a distance of 3 Nautical Miles and 4 knots speed).

At the end of their stay, vessels must be able to prove they have a big enough tank capacity to travel to their following destination without discharging any wastewaters (if their route does not go over the authorised areas).

The port Camille Rayon informs the address and phone numbers of the service providers of pumping (possible either by boat or by truck). Please contact the Port Camille Rayon Harbour office: 04 93 63 30 30.

The  old port of Golfe Juan (CCI) provides you with a pumping plant of wastewaters (toilets, showers…) situated on the “welcome quay” next to the fuelling station for the boats under 78ft.

Please Contact the Old port Harbour office: 04 93 63 96 25.

Keep our oceans fairly blue…


We remind you that the maximal speed in the port is 3 knots and that it is forbidden to go fishing or to swim in the port.