While Bruno Corcuff is busy in the Kitchen after he has bought all the products to the local producers, Danielle Lautier is preparing the menu chalkboards, set the tables, manage suppliers and welcome the clients.

The two managers of the restaurant “La Casa “on the Port Camille Rayon who decides 4 years ago to join forces have 2 very different roles but also very complementary.

This duo allowed Danielle to give a new life to her restaurant created in 2010 “At the time I wanted to create a Tapas restaurant that I called “Casa Kenia” but the place was not adapted.

She then decided to change the name of the place and also the type of cuisine “I came back to a home style cooking, more traditional” and the clientele came back, naturally, to eat at “la Casa”.

For Bruno, the adventure started later on, when he decided to return to his first love, cooking.

For this native from Brittany, the preparation of fish holds no secrets but it is not his only strong point, as his “bell pepper tatin” among others… “Here everything is fresh , we use seasonal and local products

Written by K.NATTON